Project: Dreaming with Purpose

The senior project is a big deal. It is a capstone to the three semesters of hard work, and a requirement for the successful completion of the undergraduate program at CIIS. Because I chose the Bachelor of Science in Psychology, the senior project assignment is to conduct a study, as in research. In the 2nd semester there is an entire class, Research Methods, which prepares us for carrying out the senior project in the 3rd semester.

So yeah, this was a massive undertaking, and somehow, remarkably, I really enjoyed it. Had I not chosen a topic that I am truly passionate about, it could have miserable (I learned that lesson in the first semester- another story). There were multiple components to this project, including a research paper, a research poster, and a video where I address the main data points that I gleaned from my research. The poster and video are below. The paper however, is over thirty pages long, more than anyone has time for. Plus, I am still figuring out if I can upload such a large file to this platform. If you would like to read the paper (shout out to my fellow dreamers and research geeks💘), please drop me a message, and I can share it.

For full screen, click at the bottom right. For best resolution go HERE.
To download, click the arrow at top right, select download in the popup.

Author: libra kaplan

Artist, dreamer, graduate student, & aspiring psychologist

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