For starting a dream group…some guidelines

I welcome feedback and am happy to amend in order to meet the needs of each member of the group. If you happen upon this page, please feel free to use these guidelines in your own dream share group. Let me know what you think! ✨ 🪷

  1. Dreams are personal and universal. By sharing them in a group we are bringing the gifts of the dreamworld into this world, creating opportunity for deeper insight and growth.
  2. Safety, privacy, and respect are paramount. What happens in the group, stays in the group. We agree to anonymity outside of the group within our own personal circles, and no sharing of another’s dream material on Canvas discussion boards or at school gatherings.
  3. We agree to non-judgement and unconditional positive regard. Sharing our dreams can feel vulnerable, especially since their contents may highlight our shadow aspects. We are always in control of how much we share and when. As we grow and share together, so will the trust within the group.
  4. The group is here to listen, to offer insight, and to provide a safe container for communal sharing. The group is not meant to be a therapy session.
  5. The dreamer decides what level of interaction they want from the group. They state their preference before sharing their dream, and they are also free to change their mind at any point while it is still their turn.
  6. Telling your dream in the present tense is encouraged. It puts you the dreamer–and the listeners–squarely back inside the dream, in the thick of the action.
  7. When writing down your dream, consider giving it a title! I have found that in many instances, a title can synthesize the essence of the dream’s message.
  8. Interrupting the dreamer while they’re sharing their dream should be avoided.
  9. We will strive to meet every other week for 2 hours, enough time for roughly two people to share their dreams and have discussion.
  10. When/if every other week becomes challenging (likely once we are further along in the semester), then we will move to once a month.

Author: libra kaplan

Artist, dreamer, graduate student, & aspiring psychologist

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