Map of Emotion*

In 1995, David R. Hawkins’ wrote about the Map of Consciousness® in his book Power vs. Force. According to Hawkins, emotional states produce an energetic value. I’ve heard a couple astrologers that I follow on youtube talk about gratitude being above joy, but I could only find one image that mentions gratitude. Here’s where I would say, see image below, but I had to remove all the images at the request of Veritas Publishing/Hawkins’ trust *.

Go here to see some of the Google images of this map.

Or go here to purchase it from Veritas Publishing.

It is interesting to see where the emotions sit on the color spectrum, too. Shame, guilt, and grief are practically black, which I guess makes a lot of sense. While not ever feeling the black and blue emotions seems improbable, it is when we stay in those spectrums it becomes destructive and painful. For me, I have found that a gratitude practice helps me access the higher emotions on a more consistent basis. Also when I do go into the blues, I don’t stay there as long as I used to. Pain is an excellent teacher, but we’re not meant to build a house there.

The scale/map/image thingy that Hawkins created had to be removed. Copyright issues. This is the book to check out though, if you're interested in learning more about Hawkins's work 

*Apparently, Hawkins wasn't keen on having his worked freely shared post mortem. The reproduction of the copyrighted and trademarked Map of Consciousness®, and the term itself, as well as all the charts, diagrams, and tables in any of the publications by Dr. Hawkins is prohibited by International Copyright laws.
Hawkins, D. R. (2014). Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. United Kingdom: Hay House, Incorporated.

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