Active Dreaming

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a big time dreamer. I keep a daily journal, and find great insight and guidance from my nightly adventures. Many times I’ve found myself writing a dream down and the words, time traveler, a straddler of worlds, shapeshifting come tumbling out of my pencil and onto the page.

When I discovered the author and dream teacher, Robert Moss a few months ago, I found a kindred spirit. He spoke the same dream language that I do, and his books have opened me up to a new way of working with my dreams.

Moss has written many books and it can be hard to know where to start. Dreaming the Soul Back Home is where I began; now I’m into his newest, Growing Big Dreams on Audible, which is wonderful! On his blog, Moss says that the linear answer to the where to begin question is go for Conscious Dreaming, his first and still foundational, book; then move onto The Three “Only” Things.

Go here to read more about how Moss’ recommendations. But the short answer is, read the descriptions, see what speaks to your soul, and dive in.

Author: libra kaplan

Artist, dreamer, graduate student, & aspiring psychologist

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